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Welcome to the Skylines Downunder first annual Gran Turismo 2 season tournament. This was the brain storm of a member who thought it would be cool to put on a full type of season. After some good turnouts to GT2 nights some of the guys seemed to want more so they are getting their chance. We have extended an open invitation to the Silvia Club club also.

Inside you will find the garage which is home to over 50 cars which the drivers will choose their weapon for the season.
Rules for the Season.
The leader board to show who is leading in their category along with the top time of the evening called time busters.
A driver profile with the car they have selected.
Event schedule and how the days racing went with high lights.

There are 4 different skill levels which the drivers are separated into. Pro, expert, intermediate, and beginner. Each of the levels will have certain cars which they can choose from.

Tracks will be set up in such a way that suits the skill levels also. The Pro's will run the harder and longer tracks and some backwards while the intermediate will run the easier tracks.

We are looking at either a manufactures cup or club cup that will be decided on our first meeting once cars are sorted out.

This page is also the updates page.

Five races in the books and the leader board is shaping up. The Expet, Beginners, and Intermediates are hottly contested. The Pro class has been dominated by one driver so far and is now just about a fore gone conclusion.

May 17 - I have added a brand new Guestbook since Coolguest sucked a cumra! Wanker, and also now a forums area for chatting and keeping in touch.

Sept 19 - Leader board and highlights pages updated.

Aug 22 - Leader board and hightlights pages updated.

Aug 5 - Leader board and hightlights pages updated.

July 22 - Leader board and highlights pages updated.

July 12- Leader board and hightlights pages updated. Sorry for the delays fella's.

June 6 - Leader board and hightlights page updated.

June 3 - Race dates changed for June. Please check for the updates.

May 14 - Leader board, Drivers Profiles, and Highlights updated after first Race.

May 4 - Drivers Profiles increased and updated.

April 13 - Profiles updated, hightlights page started and uploaded.

April 11 - Race dates set and uploaded.

Mar. 28 - Driver Profiles uploaded

Mar. 25 - Main Page - Drivers Meeting

Mar. 10 - Added the guest book.

Mar. 8 - Updated the main page with our new logo and the other pages with our title logo. Cheers Darkness. Updated the Driver's Levels page with more open time slots to suit.

Mar. 5 - Uploaded the Driver Levels page. This page consists of time slots for determining driver skill levels and what class you will be in. Uploaded the rest of the pages though the Highlights, Drivers Profiles, and Race Dates pages are not done yet.

Feb. 24 - The rule book updated with more definitions on some of the rules.

Feb. 18 - Uploaded the Sponsor's page. Updated the index page including adding links to Skylines Downunder, Toyspeed and the Nissan Silvia Club's websites. Made adjustments to the Rule Book and uploaded that. Updated the Garage. Changed some reviews and added more cars available to the Pro class.

Feb. 17 - Added the Rule book page and the leader board. Adjusted the leader board page. Uploaded the Tracks page. Added a counter to the site.

Feb. 16 - Moved site to the new server. Got tired of Fortune City's server not performing, and all the pop ups.. Updated the Garage page with more information, deleted 4 cars and added 3 different cars. Added classes and the Webmasters thoughts on each car.

Feb. 15 - Uploaded the Garage page

Feb. 14 - Adjusted the index page with more information and corrected some spelling errors (sorry about those).

Feb. 13 - Trouble with Fortune city's server is causing me head aches. Images not showing up pop ups driving me crazy.

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